Shindig, I Miss You!

It has only been six days since I left Grand Rapids, Michigan and the warm, wacky, wonderful family of knitters that make up the Plucky tribe.  I have never felt so welcomed by a group of total strangers.  This past week was spent in withdrawal. Shindig was so amazing that I felt a real sense of loss at leaving.

The Marketplace was an incredible source of inspiration.  Seeing patterns knit up in a variety of yarns gave me great ideas about what I want to knit and what will look good on my body.  A special thank you to Amy Herzog for the tips I picked up in her Fit to Flatter class!

Lisa (Twosam) was nice enough to let me try on her Rowe sweater.  It's been in my queue for a long time, and I've finally scored the perfect yarn for it, Plucky Scholar in Burlap.  Trying it on helped me understand the fit better — I'll be knitting a size down.  Lisa is a truly inspiration knitter.  If you haven't, you should go check out all of her amazing projects, and especially, THE DRESS.

Shindig was a place where a group of strangers could go to dinner together and walk away friends.

It was a place where grown women wore glow sticks on their heads.

Knitting ladies
It was a place where the coolest of the cool knitters stayed up knitting in the hotel lobby late at night, some of them in their pajamas. 

I miss Shindig.  The community of knitters is a powerful thing, something I suspect the muggles can't understand and might even laugh at.  It was great fun and I'm grateful for the experience!      

4 thoughts on “Shindig, I Miss You!

  1. I hope you get to go again and take an extra day – GR is less than an hour away; next time take an extra day so I can come up and see you!

  2. I’ve never been to Shindig, but I’ve LOVED going on yarn-related treks, such as to Stitches West. It’s just so much fun to be with people who GET YOUR THING – you don’t have to explain or justify your obsessions because they are right there with you! 🙂

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