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Arlo continues to grow. It is sad to be knitting something for your youngest child and realize you are knitting a size that is too big for you personally.  Where does the time go?

Speaking of time, today is my 27th wedding anniversary.  I still really like this guy.

In addition to being fun to hang out with, he has been kind enough to leave unacknowledged the fact that I am putting him to a lot of trouble and expense to build a little tree house room I can knit in, with a nearby grill and fridge so I can eat without walking the 20 extra feet into the house. [He's probably going to fuss a bit when he realizes I'm planning some moth-proof cedar storage out here to go along with those beautiful cedar beams.]

Back deck
Because I warned you up front that this was a rambling kind of post, I'm sharing this bad selfie.  I was so happy to be in a part of the country this week where it was cold enough to wear the Antarktis I knit earlier this year.  I adore Janina Kallio's well-written patterns and plan to knit a few more this fall.

It's really fun to come home from a business trip and, in addition to my adoring family who missed me so much that they cleaned the house and cooked me a fabulous meal, come home to a box of Plucky Yarn.  Of course, the whole family/clean house part is a fantasy, but I did come home to some pretty yarn this week.

It is Plucky Bello Worsted.  I love these skeins together and need to come up with a shawl or scarf pattern they can all play in.  Bello Worsted knits up closer to a DK weight for me.  If anyone has pattern suggestions, I would love it if you would email me or leave them in the comments.  This yarn is to die for!

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