Tubular Cast On

I started off the Plucktober KAL month by casting on for Michele Wang's Arlo sweater.

Tubular cast on

If you have struggled with tubular cast ons, it is worth buying Michele's pattern for the ease and clarity of her directions.  Tubular cast on gives you a cleaner edge for ribbing on sweaters, cuffs, etc, and is well worth the trouble.  I'll get a better picture when I'm a bit further along, but I'm delighted with the start.

My family tolerates my knitting with a lot of patient, if fond glances my direction.  Sometimes, there is outright admiration, as there was during our trip to Iceland when I provided everyone with warm hats and cowls. But mostly, it's just tolerance.  I'm wondering how this month is going to go for them.  When dinner last night consisted of open faced tomato and goat cheese sandwiches and some chicken soup I had made last weekend, there was a little bit of consternation.  I mumbled something about Plucktober and they all looked confused. They don't yet realize it's going to get a lot worse.  A whole lot worse.  

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