When Knitting Makes You Think: The Tribe of Knitters

Knitting is a wonder.  I saw a very wise woman refer to it as a way of "finding your tribe" earlier this week, and although that thought had never occurred to me before, it's true.  Knitters tend to be like-minded, kind people whose commonalities cut across race, gender, color, economic background and other demographic factors that often keep people in their separate worlds.  The tribe of knitters is encouraging and supportive.  A year or two ago I could not have knit this.

Back and sleeves
But, with my tribe's inspiration, help, and some occasional cheering from the sidelines, I've now got the back and sleeves of a lovely cabled sweater.

Psychology Today did a nice piece in 2013 touting the benefits of knitting, including medical benefits for those dealing with addiction or disability.  The Guardian noted, "Einstein is said to have knitted to clear his mind, while textile designer Kaffe Fassett thinks it's 'the most therapeutic thing in the world.' "  In a world where people can sit in a room together but communicate by texting (watch teenagers if you don't believe me), knitting offers benefits far beyond just the final product.  Of course, as knitters, we know this.  It's just the non-knitting muggles who don't understand.

So while I'm grateful for the sweater that will keep my youngest child warm this winter as soon as I knit the fronts and do some finishing, I'm equally grateful for the tribe of knitters who bring so much to my life.  You know who you are.  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “When Knitting Makes You Think: The Tribe of Knitters

  1. It’s my first time commenting, but I’ve been quietly following your blog and I absolutely love this post. It couldn’t be more true! I feel so fortunate to have found my knitting home. Thank you for being part of my knitterly tribe. 🙂

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