My Garden Doesn’t Seem To Know That It’s Fall

Garden collageIt's November.  And even in Alabama, that means fall.

My garden hasn't gotten that message yet.  It's still in full bloom with high summer color.  And inevitably, that impacts my knitting choices.  At a time when I'm thinking about this turtleneck in a fuzzy haze of almost-black and blue and am planning a Marled Hat in these lovely, muted red-browns, held together, my garden is calling out to me to knit, just one more time before cold weather truly hits, with some of my brightest, most flowery yarn.


I have holiday knitting to start and some works in progress to finish.  I'm trying to fight off the urge.  But every time I walk outside and into my door garden, I'm tempted to dig out my brightest pink or my juiceiest green and cast on without a care. My garden is a temptress, and it is calling to me.

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