Sock Yarn For Shawls

Elliebelly Angel Sock is one of my favorite yarns.  It's a lightly twisted blend of silk, alpaca, and cashmere and it makes colors sing.  There is something at once indescribable and luxuriously colorful about it.  Although I typically have dyed Angel Sock in multi-colored patternings for soft, cozy socks made for lazy days, with the long weekend upon us, I decided to do some up in solid colorways for scarves and shawls.

Angel fingering

The yarn is more muted with this application.  Mystic Tangerine isn't quite as flashy, and that's Glacier on the bottom, one of the colors I dyed after coming home from Iceland.  They look perfect for a sweet piece of lace to wrap around your neck in cold weather or fling across your shoulders over a sun dress on a summer night.  I'm very excited about seeing these knit up!

One pattern that has been haunting me for quite some time is Lori Law's Evenings in Provence shawl.  It is so ethereal and beautiful — I love her version of it, but I've been struggling with finding just the right yarn to knit one for myself.

Evenings in provence© oceanwind knits

I think I've finally found the right yarn with Angel Sock.  I've been working with a new colorway — a soft, almost not there brown, that I want to dye some yarn in for our new sun porch — sort of the opposite of a man cave — so I can have a Big Cabled Afghan and some pillows for the couch.  The room is stained wood and it needs a neural with hints of brown.  After fussing around, I thought this color looked good in testing and decided to play with it on Angel Sock.  I'm going to use it for a Provence shawl, as a test to see how I like the color in a project.


I think it will be just perfect and a nice contrast with my long dark hair.  I'm excited about this one.  It's all I can do not to put everything I'm working on aside and cast on immediately.

This year, I'm trying not to be THAT knitter.  The cast-on-all-the-things girl.  I'm trying to show a little restraint and finish projects in a reasonable period of time.  But the allure of casting on always calls to me, and I know at some point I'll give into it.  I suppose I already have a bit with Adama, my impulse cast on last weekend, which is now making good progress after my angsty little post yesterday about the trauma of not making color changes in the right place and all of that tinking!  I'm going to work on a few things that are already on my needles, while finishing up Adama, before casting on for Provence.  I will not indulge myself in a knit all the things frenzy.  Or maybe, I will.

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