Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) Constant – KAL Yarn Give Away Week #2

If you're knitting along with us for the annual Elliebelly Adventurous April Knit Along (info and sign ups here — if you miss out on knitting with us, you will definitely regret it), you know we're spending March clearing our needles and preparing for the KAL.  Part of that prep is stash acquisition.  Last week's giveaways were two skeins inspired by commenters choice of colorways.  I picked two to dye, Retro Kitchen and Alphabet Block.  The yarn is on it's way to the recipients and I hope they has as much fun knitting with it as I had dyeing it!


This week, the giveaway is all about Elliebelly's BFL Constant sock.  This is a relatively new yarn that has proven its worth for everything from socks to sweaters.  It's a blend of British Blue Faced Leicester wool and nylon. And it's very pretty.  I've got two skeins to give away this week, and it will be a random drawing.  To be eligible, all you need to do is sign up for the KAL and comment below on what you're doing to get ready.  Are you finishing projects to free up your needles, swatching, or just day dreaming?  Share what you're doing and win a skein of Elliebelly BFL Constant.


The Variegated yarn is Secour and the blue — much to my disgust I seem to be unable to get decent photos of any dye mixed with turquoise — is one of the old time, classic Elliebelly colorways, blue eggs.  It's a rich, translucent, variegated blue.  Bonus points to whoever wins it if they can get a good photo!  If you have a preference for one yarn or the other, let me know that too in your comment and I'll try to accommodate.

18 thoughts on “Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) Constant – KAL Yarn Give Away Week #2

  1. I’m getting ready by trying to pick yarn and wishing I could get my hands on some elliebelly to use for the KAL! I spent a couple hours cleaning up my craft room this morning and dug through my yarn wall looking for the perfect skein. 🙂

  2. I’m finishing up my Volga cowl right now. I’m sure I’ll have time to knit one or two more things before April. I haven’t decided what those will be yet. Maybe a Milk Stout sweater…

  3. I would be thrilled to snag either of those, but blue eggs is calling my name 🙂
    Oh, and <3 <3 <3 for that Retro Kitchen!!!
    To get ready, I am probably doing the opposite of everyone else. Instead of working something off my needles I just casted on a basic sock pattern on my new needles that I just got in so I can get used to them and so I can refresh myself on sock construction because I want to be able to keep up when the knitalong gets here 🙂 So, yeah, I'm casting on while every on else is trying to cast!

  4. Adventurous April is more than the KAL for me, I’m also going on a holiday at the end of April – so I’m madly knitting away on some WIPs to finish them up and plotting on whether I can do both Zigzagular and Rye in April, plus sorting out what projects/yarns I will take with me. PS: Love the colours!

  5. I’m finishing up underwater garden and holding myself back from casting on any more big projects. I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect self stripping yarn for wraptor.

  6. I am feverishly knitting away on my list so I have empty needles. I’m also still undecided in which yarn I’ll be using so I’m trying to decide on that as well.

  7. I am knitting a pair of socks for my son to get ready. And knitting a cowl for you in your yarn!
    I adore BFL and I am eager to try yours.

  8. I’m clearing up a couple of knits I’ve committed to and mentally stash diving for Zigzagular, actually diving over Easter. I’m also trying to convince myself I can finish a pair of Rye as well in April, so I’ll also be diving for Rye yarn, just in case.

  9. I am finishing up some of the test knits. Last one is coming off the needles soon. Now I’m planning what will go on the needles. I’m stalking your posts about your yarn! I would loooove to try them.

  10. I’m just daydreaming at this point and hoping spring brings kids who are sick less often, meaning I can find time to knit. 🙂

  11. I’m preparing by trying to psych myself up to knit my first pair of socks! Eeek! I’ve been knitting for over 8 years and never socks! The Retro Kitchen is my favorite <3

  12. I am finishing up all my UFOs and working on 2 baby gifts. I can’t wait for this go start! My boys have been nagging me to make them some socks, but I haven’t attempted it before.

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