Test Hat

I am excited to be testing a new hat pattern for Faiza, whose patterns, HandSoOn Knits, are really extraordinary.  If you've missed them, she's the designer of Rumors of Snow, the amazingly textured and colored BIG shawl and some hats with lovely architecture to them.  So I was incredibly flattered when she asked me to test her upcoming hat pattern.


It's written at a DK weight, so I'm knitting it with the Plucky Knitter's Sweater (in the Antiqued colorway).  It is a very pleasant knit, and without giving away the surprise, it has a very clever construction that makes it one of those patterns where you want to knit just one more row before putting it down and find out you've knit several more inches quite without realizing it.  I'm about halfway done here and hope to snatch a little bit of time away from regularly scheduled activities this weekend to finish it.  Or at least come close.

Birmingham is surprisingly springlike today, but I have an end of the month trip planned with the baby girl to look at New England colleges.  I am going to take this hat along and give it quite the work out.  I think it's going to be warm and pretty and I strongly encourage you to stalk Faiza for its release!

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