Blogging With A Concussion

The thing about concussions is that one has about half of one's brain at one's disposal.  Not enough brain to work, and sadly not enough brain to knit with either.  I am getting in a round here and there on my very easy socks that can be knit with your eyes closed, but that's about it at the moment, so I thought I would share a few photos for you Tuesday viewing pleasure.


Dyeing red can be tricky.  The secret is multiple layers of colors that give you a true clear red that doesn't have pink undertones (unless you are looking for them, in which case, the process is the same, but with different colors underneath the red layers).  This is my first experiment on a new to me yarn base that combines silk and merino, but spins the yarn so that different plies absorb the color differently.  I'm in love with this one.  More experimentation coming!


Purple Rain.  Just because.


I've started winding the yarn for my summer sweater, a silk/linen concoction.  Note to self: winding yarn with a concussion isn't really the brightest of ideas.  I convinced myself the yarn wouldn't tangle if I laid it out neatly on the floor and hand wound it.  Wrong.  But it only took me two days to produce the pretty ball in my shoe from the tangle below.


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