Grayscale Photos For Selecting Colorways To Knit Together

Remember yesterday's post about selecting colors to knit a Big Island Wrapper?  I've been obsessing about which colors to choose and posted on Ravelry about my quandary.  A nice knitter responded with a tip I should have thought of first thing and wanted to share with you all, in case anyone else finds themselves picking among colors for a project (in other words, what knitters do every day).

The tip is, take a photo of your possibilities and grayscale it.


By removing the color hues from your photo, all you see are the color values.  This gives you a sense of whether you will get good contrast among your colors, assuming that is what you are after.  This process is particularly helpful for fair isle knitting and I use it religiously for that purpose.  But I didn't think to apply it here at first.  And I'm glad I did.  As a result, I've narrowed my choices to Peacock and Water Dancer, although I had started to lean towards Yosemite before looking at the grayscale photo.  Here is a repeat of the color photo from yesterday.


This isn't an absolute rule and for stripes or other non-stranded knitting, you may not want a high contrast.  But, this is a great tool to have in the knitter's tool kit.  It will help you get the results you want.

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