Heel Flap #2

I’m always grateful for those rare occasions where my husband and I have meetings that overlap, especially when that means he drives. Because, knitting time.

image from http://joycevance.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341ce9cd53ef01b8d1dd54f1970c-pi

This is the heel flap for my second Zigzagular sock, and it’s perfect for today as I can knit this part with my eyes closed.

I’m still recovering from Saturday’s yoga injury. Fortunately, I only managed a round or two while in the ER waiting room, as the big whack to the head I got didn’t do much to fine tune my knitting skills (you note that I did add a counter on my needles just for the flap so I can make sure the number of rows match sock #1).

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