I’ve Got New Needles!

It started a long time ago with these pretties. 


These are my Vermont Applewood Interchangeably Darn Pretty Knitting Needles from Dyak Craft.  I love these guys.  But sadly, due to a supply failure in the laminated Dymondwood these needles are made from, they are no longer available.  And, if you're like me, you need a couple of sizes of each needle on hand.  So I ordered a pair of Dyak Craft's newest needles, their Northern Lights set in Robin's Egg Blue.  And they're here! 


I'm in love already!  It's a pretty set and the color will stand out nicely behind my knitting, making it easy to see.  I've cheated a bit — trying these out in a different finish before investing in the set, so I know I love the way the stitches slide off of the needles easily, but only when I want them to.


Next up for me is my long-awaited Mithril Tee in Elliebelly's Chemise Silk/Linen DK weight yarn.  New needles, new project.  What more could a girl ask for?


3 thoughts on “I’ve Got New Needles!

  1. Love your heavenly blue needles ???? DyakCraft needles have enhanced my knitting experience beyond measure. I’m awaiting an order of these and I am so looking forward to Summer knitting with them. Thank you for sharing your experience with them and your lovely pictures:)

  2. Oh, I love those needles! And that color is so “you;” the very shade of blue that I associate with Elliebelly!

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