Knitting The Bulky Shawl: Big, Quick, Warm, & Comforting

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Although I'm typically more comfortable knitting with lighter weight yarns, I'm drawn to bulky weights again and again because I like the finished items.  And there is a certain satisfying feeling to a quick knit.

This pattern, Little Church Knit's Big Island Wrapper really fits that bill.  First, full disclosure, it's a free pattern so you have to be willing to do some work on your own, but most everyone who has knit it has left behind pattern notes, and you won't have any trouble if you take a quick look through them and make some decisions before starting.

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This is a great knit that you can easily pull off in a week, or even a more determined weekend.  And although I had some concerns about the picot edging (the pointy bits) in a bulky weight yarn, even that part turned out just fine with a little gentle blocking.  I laid the shawl out wet and smoothed it carefully, no pins.  The result is really lovely.

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