A Quick Summer Knit: Vested Interest

To recap, I walked into my Local Yarn Store (a dangerous thing to do at the best of times, which this was not) several weeks ago, and promptly fell in love with local designer Jamie Thomas's Vested Interest pattern, knit in Quince & Co's linen tape yarn, Kestrel.  I had to knit it immediately.  I walked out with four skeins, went back for two more several days later and last night, two weeks in, and with some very casual, intermittent knitting, had this lovely finished object.


I'm in love with it!  It looks great with everything I've tried it on with from jeans to a long skirt and it feels great (and hides parts of me I prefer to keep hidden in the back).  It's a wonderful, undemanding, quick summer knit with great style.  Thanks Jamie!

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