Finished, But Not Blocked

I finished my fairisle hat from Janine Bajus’s class at The Plucky Knitter’s Glamping Retreat this afternoon.  Kudos to my youngest kid for needing to visit the pediatrician today, which gave me all the time I needed to cast off, while having a nice talk with him.


It is not blocked yet, nor have I committed to the Alpaca pom pom from Toft, which is lightly tacked in at the moment.  But really, I’m so excited that I couldn’t wait another minute to share it with you.  I knitted this!  It’s fairisle!


The truth is, if you’re on the fence about trying a fairisle project, it’s just not as hard as it looks.  If you want to be all fancy about it, you can visit this video from the Philosopher’s Stone and you’ll be capable of knitting fairisle with yarn in both hands before you can say “stranded knitting.”  And you do need to know to keep the strand of yarn you are not using while you knit with the other color loose — if you pull it tight in back your resulting project will be very small and you will be sad.  But once you know this is in issue, you can do some quick googling and your strands in back will be just right.


The inside is almost as pretty as the outside.

This hat is a pretty good fit for me as is, so I’m going to give it a gently steam blocking to even out the stitches and weave in all of those ends when I get a moment.  I’ll be back with better photos later this week when it’s all done.





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