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Need a little knitting eye candy to get you through the week?  I thought I would share some of my new Plucky Knitter stash with y'all.  Yes, I may have overspent at Glamping, and I've bought a bit of additional yarn off of the Plucky Reserve. I had to remind my angel baby husband that while some women buy expensive clothing or get take out for dinner every night, I buy yarn.  He's dubious, though.

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This is some of Plucky's new "Small Batch" speckled yarn on Bello, a fingering weight cashmerino base.

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Snug Worsted is a Plucky base that incorporates Alpaca and is very round and smooth.  This yarn is earmarked to become a pair of hats and is in a color that was available for a limited period of time.  I'm so glad I snagged some!

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This is Plucky's lace weight yarn, Sophisticate.  It has mohair in it and I am deathly allergic to mohair.  But, I rubbed some against my face at Glamping, and then spent part of an evening with some tucked into my shirt against my neck (it was that kind of weekend).  Amazingly, no problems.  A lot of people had claimed they were okay with Sophisticate despite a mohair allergy, but I was skeptical.  I'm so glad it turned out to be true!  This yarn is going to be incorporated into a striped sweater.

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This lovely scummy color is in Plucky's newest base, a bulky version of their rustic spun, worsted weight Scholar, called Cambridge.  This one is destined for cast on later this week for Michele Wang's new today Cambridge Hat pattern.  I admired knit up samples of this hat at Glamping and am going to cast on as soon as I can get my hands on needles in the correct size.

I hope you find something to inspire your own fall knitting here.  When I woke up to cool fall weather in Washington, D.C. Sunday morning, I was ecstatic.  Unfortunately, it's still warm at home in Alabama, but all it took was that one bit of chill air to remind me that winter is coming and it's time for knitter to knit!

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