At long Last, New Knitting

It’s just a small start, but I’ve finally found the perfect project for my favorite new yarn from the Plucky Knitter.  I’ve got six skeins of Groovy, dyed in her Highlander colorway. I’m more than just a little bit excited about the colorful yarn, but after looking and looking (and swatching and swatching, I couldn’t find just the right project for it until I came across the Rhea Cardigan.

It was clear to me immediately that this was the right sweater, even though the pattern is written for Quince’s aran weight linen tape yarn and its show here in a solid.  I wanted a comfortable, wear over anything cardigan, because I know all of the colors in Highlander will be just right with the simple patterning.

The pattern, which is well-written, has given me a bit of trouble at the start.  Note to self: knitting with a really bad sinus infection does not bring out your strengths.  And dropping down stitches to fix mistakes with Groovy, which is a felted cashmere yarn, was a little bit dicey.  Fortunately, issues are resolved and once you finish the first pattern repeat, you have a pretty good guide for what is happening in each of the ten rows in the repeat.  Despite my silly novice mistakes at the outset, I think I’ll get to the point where I can memorize the pattern and carry this one around with me to work on.  Here’s an early photo – you can see how incredibly lovely the color variation is on this wonderful, unique yarn.  Groovy is definitely a favorite for me!

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