A Pom-Pom For A Knit Hat

Last year, I knit a series of wonderful hats for our family trip to Iceland.  I finished one of them, Fuego, mid-trip, during a hike to see some wonderful waterfalls and rainbows.


But, I didn't have a pom-pom maker with me, or any knowledge about how to make one, not being a pom-pom kind of girl.  So Fuego came back home with me, pom-pomless.  There was a brief flirtation with one after I found out how to make one, but I attached it too loosely and then it got hot and Fuego never got her pom.

Until today.


Fuego now has a big, fat, fluffy pom-pom.  She's complete, thanks to my fantastic Clover pom-pom maker.

Fuego was a fun hat to knit and I have no idea why this took me so long, but with temperature creeping down into the teens and snow in the forecast, I'm really happy to have her this weekend!