I’m Not Going To Make It!


It has become abundantly clear to me the last few days that I am not going to finish Tiny Tea Leaves in time for the start of the Elliebelly Knit Along this Saturday.  I have at least another 8" of stockinette to go on the body before I'm ready to do the sleeves and finish the button bands. 


I had hoped to finish it before starting my next project, but that is a LOT of stockinette.  As in miles and miles of stockinette, with several hundred stitches on my needles.

In its favor, though, I have to say this sweater is adorable.  Being able to try it on her in progress is definitely a big plus and I love the way the simple yoke pattern looks.


I'm going to knit this one a bit long to insure she can wear it for a couple of years!