Knitting Little Copernicus

I'm so excited!  I get to be a test knitter for Julie Kieliszewski, who has written a new child's sweater pattern called Little Copernicus.  It's a sweet cardigan with a picked up and knitted 2×2 rib trim to finish it off.  It's very cute and I'm hoping the little wooden buttons I have in my stash from Peace Fleece will be the perfect accent.

I'm using Elliebelly Pixie (superwash merino), in the Stained Glass Paintbrush Colorway, for the sweater.

Yarn for little copernicus

I did my Paintbrush Colorways with linen stitch (for instance, these gorgeous baby longies by Siobahn) in mind, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how it performs in a mostly stockinette project.  If I don't like it as well, it will be easy to convert the body of this pattern over to linen stitch, so I think it's a low risk proposition.

Although I rarely swatch for a baby sweater — they're going to fit at some point, right? — I decided I need to do that here, to insure that as a good tester, I provided necessary input.  And, I hit gauge, spot on, at my first try on size 7 needles, getting five stitches at inch.

Harry swatching for little copernicus

Many thanks to my assistant, Harry the Maine Coon Cat, who helped to hold the swatch out flat so I could measure it.  He had no ulterior motive and did not proceed to pounce on it or try to chew my needles into two pieces immediately after the photo was taken.  Really.

Little copernicus swatch

I did a very small swatch, really just barely enough to get the gauge, so I'm not sure yet about this yarn in stockinette.  I'm tempted to say it's going to be very pleasing, but I don't want to jinx it.  I'm hoping it will be the perfect gender neutral color, with enough variation to coordinate perfectly with just about anything else a baby could want to wear.