Today at Target

Today was not a day for knitting or art at all.  I've been waiting for today for a long time — ever since I learned that Target was going to team up with my all time favorite fabric maker, Liberty of London, to produce an eclectic and low priced line of clothing and home decor.  Liberty has been my favorite fabric since I was 11 and my grandfather took me into their shop on a trip to London.  I still have the little silk fabric photo frame he got me — with a picture of him tucked inside.

Willing to take a chance, I drummed a few small children out of bed at an indecently early hour and went off to Target. I bribed them with the promise of sushi and Starbucks, a time-honored if disgusting breakfast tradition in our household, so fun was in store even if the shopping was not as exciting as anticipated.  It was, however, quite exciting.  Miss Ellie ended up with a new summer wardrobe and I found bathing suits that were surprising flattering on the middle-aged-mama-body.

My favorite was probably these clever baskets, that I purchased a number of for stacking cosmetics, brushes, hair-dryers, and so on for the bathroom.


And, the menswear ties were pretty amazing.  I'm tempted to pair one with a knitted vest and wear it myself.


I also grabbed a couple of big sofa pillows and an umbrella, along with some Melamine serving plates to keep in the kitchen at work.  Lots of Liberty goodness out there!