A Little Detour

I stopped, briefly yesterday, at my local yarn shop on the way out of town for an overnight business trip.  I thought I might buy a pair of needles for the bag I’m getting ready to start, but it was really just an excuse to see what was new and exciting.

After resisting for months, I succumbed to the charms of this beautiful Noro Kochoran, and stayed up until 3 a.m. in my hotel room, watching an unbelievably bad movie about an overbearing Australian father in the outback and casting on an Anthropologie style shrug out of the Noro.  Isn’t it amazing how all the colors play together?  I can’t believe I denied myself this little pleasure for so long.

Anthroshrug_2Along the way, I realized that I have had a major step forward in the personal growth and development area.  I have become a confirmed swatcher.  I swatched for the shrug without really even thinking about it, and certainly without the grudging annoyance I can remember feeling while swatching as recently as six month ago. Isn’t it wonderful to watch oneself mature?

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