Indie Untangled

Have you run across Indie Untangled?  It's Lisa Chamoff's brilliant effort to help you find indie yarn and knitting related swag and I've been relying on it to keep up to date on yarn-world happenings ever since I found it.

Cath high twist

Lisa noticed that I was getting ready to reopen Elliebelly in January and was nice enough to ask if I wanted to be part of her holiday giveaway this year.  You can find the details here. She has some great yarn & swag in the works for you!

In non-knitting news, this happened in my house yesterday.


Total and utter madness will ensue.



Rob Roy Hat Pattern, Paid Forward

I haven't made any progress on Rob Roy since last you saw it (because: Jimmies and Two Track).


But, I did want to do the pay it forward part of this project, so Eva, check your Ravelry inbox.  You should have the Rob Roy pattern waiting for you!  Thanks to everyone who commented.  I really appreciated the chance to help Thea, the pattern designer, with her charitable project and at the same time being able to help someone else get started on knitting this lovely hat.



Sock Yarn Winners

PicMonkey CollageWith two weeks left before the start of our April Knit Along, it's serious time for project planning and yarn acquisition.  On the yarn acquisition front, we are an inclusive KAL and welcome knitters who show up with any yarn they choose.  But, I know a lot of you like knitting with Elliebelly yarn, so I've tried to get a bit of it out there for you.  This week, I drew three random yarn winners from among those who have their KAL Project Page set up on Ravelry, using the tag ElliebellyAdventurousApril2016: Frucat, Pegmcc, and TeddyandNick.  Depending on the project on your page, you've got either two skeins of Pixie Worsted for your Rye Socks or a skein of Decadence for Zigzagular on the way to you!

If you're new to the Elliebelly group on Ravelry or to our annual knitalong, I hope you'll decide to join us.  You will find all the KAL information there, but it's a friendly group that will jump in to answer any questions you may have.  We start on April 1 and are knitting several different sock patterns in different weights this year. 

I'll do one last quick yarn giveaway later this week to make sure I get the yarn into the hands of the knitter in time for the start.  Has anyone started swatching yet?  I keep meaning to, and have wound my yarn, but so far, I haven't gotten there.



And, The Winner Is…..

First yarn giveaway goes to Lindsey C., Alphabet Block.  As soon as I saw her comment, I knew it was the yarn I couldn't resist dyeing right away.  That's Alphabet block on Elliebelly's high twist Merino, Cashmere, Nylon blend fingering weight yarn.IMG_9498

Stick around.  The fun isn't over.  The Adventurous April KAL doesn't start until April 1 and there will be plenty of other chances to win some Elliebelly yarn if you are signed up for it.

In fact, after reading through all of the comments, I had to go back and dye a second prize winner skein.  This one is in Retro Kitchen, another one of my favorite colorways, and one that I haven't dyed in what feels like forever.  It's still cooling, so no photos yet.  Although several people mentioned Retro Kitchen, Angela was the first, so there is a skein for her, on Elliebelly Juliet 3-Ply Sock.  Angela and Lindsey, send me a pm on Ravelry with your address, and I'll send your yarn on the way!

It was so much fun to see everyone's choices in the comments.  I felt like I was hearing about friends I hadn't seen for awhile.  Dye all the colorways needs to be a thing!  If I could find time, I would dye them all from start to finish.  It was great to see people mention colorways I haven't dyed in a very long time; Water Lily, Cherry Sundae, Siobahn's Rainbow, Copper Patina, German Wheel, and Pellucidly to name a few.  They are all yarns I would like to dye and knit with!

I especially loved Marla's comment, "The BFL Constant base in any colour, just want sox in that yarn."  I couldn't agree more.  There is something about this yarn that I really, really like.  It will definitely show up in one of the next few giveaways.  Make sure you check back in frequently, as I'll be putting up more giveaways so everyone can get ready for the Knit Along.  And, if you haven't joined yet, this year, we've got multiple sock patterns picked out for an April 1 start.  Everyone is welcome to knit with us and you can use any yarn you choose, Elliebelly or not, so please come take a look and consider being part of the KAL!


Counting Down To Knit Along

We've only got ten days left before the Adventurous April KAL starts.  Please come sign up to knit with us if you haven't already.  Everyone is welcome. We will be knitting Antarktis and stuffed toys, and trying out new techniques.

We have two last yarn giveaway winners, Susie and Sparkynfeisty.  I've messaged you both on Ravelry. As soon as we can discuss colors, there will be yarn on the way to you!


After a few hours in my office, I'm clearly going to have to finish my Tipperary Shawl.  Harry is not understanding about it still being on the needles and wants me to finish it so he can claim it for himself. It's divine.  It is knit from a cashmere, alpaca, and merino blend.  He's going to have to fight me for it.

Unfortunately, my money is on the cat.


Knitalongs: Give Aways & Progress

It is, perhaps, a bit confusing to be participating in one knitalong while planning another.  Confusing, but fun.  So, first things first.  The Sunday night yarn give away winner for the Adventurous April KAL on the Elliebelly Ravelry Group is Jamlknitter.  Lisa, message me on Ravelry and I'll get your yarn on the way to you in time for cast on!

If you aren't Lisa, don't worry.  There is still time to enter and win some Elliebelly yarn before the KAL starts on April 1, by leaving a comment to this post, before next Friday.


In the meantime, any guesses about what color my yarn, in the dye bath above, is going to be?  This photo is a little bit reminiscent of the dress that took the internet by storm a couple of weeks ago.  What color do you all see?


And, for the Malabrigo March KAL, my Monkey's eyes arrived today.  I've got three different options to choose from.  I'm almost done with the first leg, so perhaps we will be to the point where we can have an eye test soon.  The pattern calls for you to do the monkey's muzzle last — right now his face is just the big round blob you all saw last week.  But I'm glad to have the eyes ready.  I'm hoping to finish Monkey up next weekend.



Hanukkah, Knitting and Elliebelly Yarn

What would the first night of Hannukah be without gifts? Specifically, yarn. Because what else does a knitter want for the holidays?


Every Tuesday on the Elliebelly knitting group on Ravelry, we post on our Take A Picture Tuesday thread and share what we're working on. All projects are welcome, no matter what yarn you're knitting with. Since the first night of Hanukkah this year coincides with our Take a Picture Tuesday thread, this week, I will do a few random drawings to send Yarny Hanukkah gifts to posters next Tuesday.

So come post your works in progress or even your works on hold. Post a picture of yarn you haven't cast on yet and what you're thinking about knitting with it. Or post your recent swatching.

The holidays give us a chance to be our best selves and knitting is definitely a part of that for me. Invite your friends to our party and post up all the Yarny goodness for inspiration, motivation and just plain fun. We can't have dreidles and latkes on line, but there will be yarn!

Hanukkah, Knitting and Elliebelly Yarn