And, The Winner Is…..

First yarn giveaway goes to Lindsey C., Alphabet Block.  As soon as I saw her comment, I knew it was the yarn I couldn't resist dyeing right away.  That's Alphabet block on Elliebelly's high twist Merino, Cashmere, Nylon blend fingering weight yarn.IMG_9498

Stick around.  The fun isn't over.  The Adventurous April KAL doesn't start until April 1 and there will be plenty of other chances to win some Elliebelly yarn if you are signed up for it.

In fact, after reading through all of the comments, I had to go back and dye a second prize winner skein.  This one is in Retro Kitchen, another one of my favorite colorways, and one that I haven't dyed in what feels like forever.  It's still cooling, so no photos yet.  Although several people mentioned Retro Kitchen, Angela was the first, so there is a skein for her, on Elliebelly Juliet 3-Ply Sock.  Angela and Lindsey, send me a pm on Ravelry with your address, and I'll send your yarn on the way!

It was so much fun to see everyone's choices in the comments.  I felt like I was hearing about friends I hadn't seen for awhile.  Dye all the colorways needs to be a thing!  If I could find time, I would dye them all from start to finish.  It was great to see people mention colorways I haven't dyed in a very long time; Water Lily, Cherry Sundae, Siobahn's Rainbow, Copper Patina, German Wheel, and Pellucidly to name a few.  They are all yarns I would like to dye and knit with!

I especially loved Marla's comment, "The BFL Constant base in any colour, just want sox in that yarn."  I couldn't agree more.  There is something about this yarn that I really, really like.  It will definitely show up in one of the next few giveaways.  Make sure you check back in frequently, as I'll be putting up more giveaways so everyone can get ready for the Knit Along.  And, if you haven't joined yet, this year, we've got multiple sock patterns picked out for an April 1 start.  Everyone is welcome to knit with us and you can use any yarn you choose, Elliebelly or not, so please come take a look and consider being part of the KAL!

2 thoughts on “And, The Winner Is…..

  1. Oh my goodness, how exciting, thank you so much! I really can’t believe how excited I am to have Retro Kitchen socks!!!

  2. Ooh! So bright and pretty! Can’t wait to see that knitted up! And, make sure you post a pic of the Retro Kitchen when its dry, Joyce!!!

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