Finally, A Sleeve

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It seemed like forever but it was really just a couple of weeks, knit on and off with other projects.

  First sleeve finished

And now I have a sleeve.  But just one.  We all know how that goes.  The second sleeve is always fraught with peril: will it match, will you run out of yarn, will you succumb to the boredom of knitting exactly the same thing a second time?  I don't find second sleeve syndrome to be quite as much of a thing as second sock syndrome, but I know all the risks.

I am a slow knitter, but I am optimistic.  I have a hat I want to finish, but then I'm going to focus all of my energy on this second sleeve.  I'm going to knit it in planes, trains and automobiles. It's going to match — I hope.  And I'm not going to run out, because a kind friend sent me a couple of extra skeins of yarn, the cables in this thing positively eat yarn.  (but see, will it match). I hope to be in position to swear under my breath while I seam this whole thing together in just a couple of weeks.  We've got a cold weather trip to look at colleges with our delightful children planned, and I want to wear Glacier all along the way.  Fingers crossed!


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