Adventurous April, The KAL (and How to Score Some Elliebelly Yarn)


It may be a little bit early to put your pants on, but the Elliebelly Adventurous April KAL is on!  And, it's not too early to clear your needles, pick your pattern and acquire your yarn (more on that below).

To rehash the basics, we start on April 1, you can knit with any yarn brand (but I'll have a number of opportunities over the next few weeks to score some Elliebelly), and you don't have to finish by the end of April.  We knit together for the fun and the friendship.

Sign ups for the KAL are in the Elliebelly group on Ravelry.  You need to be a member of the group and signed up for the KAL to be eligible to win any of the yarn giveaways (more on that below), but it's easy to sign up and we'll never spam you or share your info around on the internet, because we're not like that.  So go here to join the Elliebelly group on Ravelry if you aren't already a member, and then let us know you'll be participating in the KAL in this thread.


This year we are knitting socks, and there are four categories, a simple sock, Zigzagular, Rye, and a category for people who want to knit a sock pattern of their own choosing.  It wouldn't be Adventurous April without a little bit of anarchy!

And, the first giveaway!  The sock patterns we are knitting will work with both variegated and solid/semi-solid Elliebelly colorways.  What are your favorites?  Perhaps an older colorway that hasn't been seen for a long time?  What would you really like to knit with in the KAL?  Leave your pick in the comments below by Friday, and I'll select one to dye, just for you.  (Remember, you need to be signed up for the KAL to win).  

Elliebelly colorways
 If you're new to Elliebelly, what are some options for seeing the colorways?  Go to the Elliebelly Yarn page on Ravelry and look around.  Or, you can click here and see all the Elliebelly that is stashed on Ravelry. Although it's important to remember that colorways will look different on different bases, this should give you some ideas.  And if you really want to go down the wormhole, you can go the Elliebelly website and type "dyeing" into the search box at the top of the page.  This will let you scroll back through my many posts about dyeing over the years.  

I'm looking forward to you ideas about colorways and your comments.  So come on and sign up for the KAL!  It's (almost) Adventure Time!

20 thoughts on “Adventurous April, The KAL (and How to Score Some Elliebelly Yarn)

  1. Retro Kitchen socks would be a dream come true! I have a shawl in the queue in this colorway, so clearly my feet need to match! Cashmerino, or any fingering base you have on hand would be fabulous!

  2. I’m pretty sure that I need some Retro Kitchen socks. But sure what the best base is, so whatever is your favorite.

  3. OMG….I totally forgot that I had a Crayon colorway named for me!!!! Lol…I saw Judi’s coloway pic and I was like, “huh”? Oh wow….it has been so long since my linen stitch longies days and I have had way too many kids and my memory has been erased. But gosh, that colorway sure was beautiful. I loved how spring like it was. And the retro kitchen everyone is picking….that was one of my faces too. I knitted it with a bright blue trim and it was gorgeous!!! Knits up like a Monet…just beautiful. And Seesaw…the same thing. Those painted colorways would all make beautiful zigzagulars because they are variegated, but knit up quite like a solid allowing you to see cables and, in this case, zigzags much better. I am gonna have a hard time choosing…ahhhh!!!! I think though, that because ALL of the EB colorways I’ve knitted have been favorites in some way, I would have to decide between two that have been special to me personally. One is a beautiful semi-solid blue that I knit my February Lady sweater in called “Tangled Up in Blue”. I wore it while I was preggo with my third boy and then had to pass it on to my mom because it grew a lot and didn’t fit me anymore when I was not preggo 🙂 But I sure did love that colorway and the zigzagular would be beautiful in a semi-solid. Or…my other pick would be “Chincoteague” because that was the colorway I knitted into a beautiful circular throw for her (I just looked in my ravelry projects and I don’t think I ever photographed that one…which is a shame because it was really beautiful). She still has to show me her throw everytime I go visit her. I would love to knit her some matching socks. She probably wouldn’t ever take them off…hahaha!!!
    So yeah, my picks would be Tangled Up in Blue or Chincoteague. But gosh, I wouldn’t mind a little Siobhan’s Crayons to make it feel a little more springy right now…hahaha…I’m torn…I just like everything too much.

  4. Just realized I never said who “her” was…lol…my 95 year old Grandmother, Rosie, is the one I knitted Chincoteague for. Don’t know why I said “her”. See…like I said…my brain is completely mush these days. In fact, I know exactly why I wrote that. Its because I just had to stop in the middle of my post to go wipe a little bum that had just gone potty…lol. Oiy! I hope I can remember how to knit.

  5. I am super excited about this KAL, by the way, it has been so long since I have knit anything other than dish rags. This makes me sad knowing the things I used to knit. I need to get back into real knitting, so maybe these socks will be the jumpstart I need. Besides,my youngest baby will be two in July and I don’t have the excuse of caring for an infant anymore. 🙂

  6. Definitely some adventurous color choices needed for some springtime socks….went down the wormhole! ;0)
    Ditto, cupcake, lariat, purple rain, copper patina, honey flower…and on and on we go!!
    A workhorse base would be great, these feet are punishing!
    …a tight twist with either some nylon or bamboo.

  7. I’m admiring the Elliebelly Pixie Merino Superwash worsted weight yarn with the soft colors for the Rye sock pattern. The photo has @me and no colorway named. Reminds me a bit of Spring with its lt rose, pink, tans, lt. blues to lt greens, yellows, whites…

  8. I’m so excited to join this KAL and knit my first pair of socks. I’m planning on knitting the Rye pattern. You have all of my favorite colorways. I love so many of your color combinations. Some of my long time favorites are Rebecca’s Kitchen, Night Cafe, Lost, Auberge, Germnan Wheel, Alphabet Block, and Michelangelo, but really, I haven’t seen a paintbrush colorway I haven’t liked.

  9. I can’t decide between Rye and Zigzagular… Both are awesome! I’d leave the yarn weight up to you and that would decide which pattern. Copper Patina would be my choice of colorways. It’s just gorgeous!

  10. I’ll be knitting Zigzagular, which I’m sure will look spectacular in any colourway, but especially Tarantula. Or Marine. Or Eco. Or Cherry Sundae. Or…

  11. Can I just say all of the paintbrush colorways are my favorite? The melted crayon you dyed recently on Coventry cashmere was amazing if I have to just pick one.
    If any of these arrived in the mail, I would be jumping up and down and running around the house in circles:
    Melted Crayon
    Mona Lisa
    Hula Hoop
    Honey Flower
    Night Cafe

  12. I have to say I’d love anything in the BFL Constant – but especially if it comes in that pink/white colorway (or something similar) in the picture above!! (asimplehomestd on Rav)

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