On The Road Again

I feel like I should be Willie Nelson singing "On the road again."  This is my umpteenth trip since this year began.  But I didn’t think to pack my camera, so I can’t show you knitting progress, which makes me sad because I’m onto the sleeve of the Anthropologie Shrug.  I decided to make it longer than the pattern and also do elbow length sleeves.  Strangely, when I finished binding off the bottom edge, I found that instead of too tight, as my previous post indicated, it’s actually a gracious plenty of sweater.  It may even, horrors, be too loose.  I’m not sure the Knitting Gods are smiling on me. 

The shrug really is gorgeous in any event.  Instead of knitting the sleeves flat, I’ve picked them up on circular needles and am knitting away.  I was too lazy to constantly switch yarns to keep the stripes even on either side — I couldn’t bear the thought of all that end weaving.  I hope I’m not going to regret that when it’s done.  I also brought along the Oat Couture cotton sweater and have casted on the front and begun the bottom edging.

Since I can’t offer pictures today, I’ll just share this thought….why doesn’t my local yarn store offer a class in frogging (ripping out large areas of mistakes) tinking (knitting backwards when the mistake isn’t too far off) and fixing dropped stitches?  Perhaps many of you knit perfectly without error, but I don’t.  And while I seem to be getting the hang of frogging (lots of practice!) I can’t tink purling with any consistent success (hmm…it occurs to me that maybe I should just turn it over.)  As for fixing dropped stitches, I’m a disaster.  I just have to go all the way back to fix them.  It annoys me that I can’t figure out something that is probably really obvious on my own, but I can’t.  I wonder why someone doesn’t teach a class called knitting for losers?

I must leave y’all — my room service dinner is here (I’m back to low carb dieting so it’s shrimp cocktail and lambchops).  Honey–if you’re reading this while doing homework with and fixing dinner for the kids, we’re working very hard here.  Really.

4 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. I am horrible at fixing mistakes too. Purl tinking? Forget it. When I make a mistake and go back to fix it, the best I can hope for is that no stitches will unravel and no one will notice how crappy that spot looks when I’m done.

  2. I learned how to fix mistakes from the Stitch’n’Bitch book. I’ve also seen a book in the library devoted to fixing knitting mistakes. Library search it out!
    When tinking purls, keep your yarn in front, just like you do when purling.
    I agree, there should be a fix your mistakes class.

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