Friday Night Art

One thing you probably don’t know about me (except for my mother in law) is that I make a really good rack of lamb.  We’re not talking anything fancy-schmancy.  Just a delicately seasoned, perfectly roasted rack of lamb.  Unfortunately for family finances, this perfection also happens to be one of the meals that the kids will all eat.  I don’t indulge too often, but decided that tonight was the night.  So, all of my little kiddies had full happy tummies  and I snuck in a little art time, finishing up the collages you saw in progress yesterday, while they played together.

Here are the results.


Bisecting Lines


Violet Dreamed of the World


Almost Faerie

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5 thoughts on “Friday Night Art

  1. These are just stunning. Where do you find the old photographs? I would love to learn how to do this. Do you have a tutorial on this?

  2. LOVE these and wow rack of lamb have never tried it!! my FIL made it once and it turned out nice!! but so love the collages way better than eating!!!!! hehehe!!

  3. Joyce, These 3 are wonderful. So beautifuly and haunting. I haven’t done any in a while; you make me want to do some more. Even my mother thinks these (meaning mine that she’s seen) are beautiful art and sellable.
    Mmm … rack of lamb. One of my favorite dishes. I make a good one too. I usually season mine with rosemary, but I try other seasonings too. What do you season yours with?

  4. Hi! Glad you visited me on my blog and thanks so much for the nice comment. I really like your three collages here… the colors and composition are great! And it’s nice to find someone who does collage work and knits too (I know – I need to get out more – lol!)I’m into felting at the moment and am partway through my second felted tote bag. Your yarn is just gorgeous!!

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