Have you been waiting?

In case you have been up all night, waiting with baited breath to see how the yarn turned out, here it is.


Seriously, though, the color variation and separation is really beautiful and I’m ecstatic with the results using this method.

6 thoughts on “Have you been waiting?

  1. Ooh, that is nice!
    I’ve only used food dyes on yarn, but I’ve been thinking about breaking out the fiber-reactive stuff we use for tie dyes and making up some nice cotton for myself.
    My kids all love the LOTR movies, too!

  2. This is beautiful yarn. You must have been so pleased to wake up to this color. I love how the blue fades in the purple. I wish I was closer and could take in a lesson.

  3. i love kettle dying alot. it’s so much easier and i like the graduation from color to color..it’s softer and can be very nice. the upside to shorter repeats is that usually kettle dyed yarn pools the same in the legs as it does in the body of the soaker. this of course applies to sweaters and anything else knit in two very different width’s on the same piece.
    sorry i talk dye at the drop of a hat lol. the whole point of this was to say, i LOVE that dye job. it is gorgeous!

  4. It looks to me like you dyed your yarn to match the flowers Ellie picked out. It’s beautiful! You can dye for me any day, lol.

  5. y’all are very nice. thank you. you know rita, it didn’t occur to me about the colors until i saw the pictures together here, but you’re right!
    and just let me know if you want some yarn. i’ve been meaning to dye some for bren too.

  6. LOVE THIS!!! you are so talentd!!! don’t you want to adopt me!!!! hehehe!! but can’t wait to see what you knit up with this!! way fun!!

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