Finally, I am presenting…..

The finished Oat Couture Laguna Sweater in Arucania’s Patagonia Cotton Yarn !!!


How exciting is that?

Instead of making the smallest size, I went one size up (the measurements indicated I should do that) and now I’m sorry I didn’t stick with the smallest size, but overall, I’m really happy with this sweater.  Unfortunately, my Mom, who is visiting from California and who has slightly broader shoulders than I do but is otherwise about this same size, seems to be stalking this sweater.  I’m afraid to take it off.

7 thoughts on “Finally, I am presenting…..

  1. I think the neck turned out great as well as the sweater. Maybe you could put one of those security tags on the sweater so if you mom tried taking it out of the house an alarm would sound.

  2. Well Done! Colours are beatiful.
    PS. Please let me know if you need any more help with the progress bars – I notice you haven’t got them working yet.

  3. Looks great. I have only managed sweaters for little people so far. There is something intimidating about making one for grown-ups for some reason.
    Selissa has a great idea with the security tag! rotflmao.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! oh and the sweater too!!!! this is great! ok should be cooler tomorrow so hope to wear mine!! will see!! mine is sleeveless!! but it’s nice! yes have to take a pic!!!

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