Gardening Meets Knitting

We briefly distract you from your wool related activities to share a morning foray into the garden.  A mixture of my favorite herbs, (yes, that is a branch from my bay tree, grown from a 4" cutting, in the back of the basket.  I was told they would not grow in Alabama and have never seen another one here, but I was determined to have one), but what does this have to do with knitting you ask?

The herbs have been stripped from their slender branches and are carefully drying under tents.  Once they are fully dry, they will become drawer and basket liners to keep my precious wool safe from the noxious moths who are particularly drawn to the hot humid regions of our house known as closets at this time of year.


Back to more traditional pursuits:

I dyed some yarn in a copper patina colorway yesterday, to go with some of the handspun I shared with you last week (a picture of the first ball is down below).  The colorways are working out perfectly, so that the handspun, which is a thick and thin with an almost thrum effect in places, can be used as an accent with the newly dyed yarn.

Coptina Coptinahandspun

3 thoughts on “Gardening Meets Knitting

  1. Okay, so I tend to noticed other things in people’s photos but is that a Longaberger basket? If not what kind? It is gorgeous. I also didn’t know you lived in Alabama. Did I get that correct? We too have a Bay Leaf tree but I usually use it for soups. It isn’t looking too healthy so maybe we’ll also take a cutting and try it again. Oh and of course your yarn is as delicious looking as ever. I think of the warm sea when I look at the one on the left.

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