Saturdays are special in my house, especially during the summer.  Ellie and I get up early and go out to our neighborhood farmer’s market to get produce for the week.  My art friend Connie got us these gorgeous dresses while she was in Mexico last year.  We love wearing them.


We always visit our favorite potter, Amanda Ann Stone, while we’re there.  This week, we found this fabulous little bird house for our cherry tree.


We try to find a couple of yardsales on our way home and today we hit it big with a great new desk chair for the fifteen year old boy whose desk chair met with an untimely accident.  But, no cool art stuff.

That changed for the better when I ran into a new little store in one of the old Victorian houses in our neighborhood that had an enticing name involving vintage textiles.  It more than made up for the yardsales and I ended up with this nice little pile of goodies.


Look at how cool those old printing blocks are!  I have plans for some collage work tonight if small children cooperate.


Finally, the first of my Suffolk wool is dyed and I am so overjoyed with the colors I have to share it with you.  This yarn is wonderful.  Plus, these colors are almost enough to make me believe that cooler fall weather is just around the corner, despite that blinding southern heat and humidity.  This yarn may end up being my first offering when Midday Faire reopens, if I can bear to part with it.


5 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. The colorway reminds me of a mix of winter squashes: hubbard for the blue, butternut for the gold and acorn for the dark green. Beautiful!

  2. Joyce – had to visit your blog after our chat at the market! What beautiful dyes and yarns. You inspire me to learn to knit!
    great to meet you – hope to run into you again at the market

  3. Lovely! Did you know that since suffolk is a down type of wool it resists felting? It’s supposed to be perfect for socks!
    Your yarn is really beautiful. The colors do remind me of when the colors begin to change. So enticing!

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