The Streets of Evangeline

I had a late night, all–by-myself-artpARTy last night, to work on some collage themes.  I woke up *yawning* at 7:00 am after going to sleep at 4:30.  When we got home from the farmer’s market and I went back to look at the results and do some varnishing and finishing, I was really pleased with these little pieces.



                 Finding Her Way


            Rising Above The Storm


          Broken Mechanism


       When All Was Said & Done


             Taking Wing


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5 thoughts on “The Streets of Evangeline

  1. HOLY MOLY Mackeroly!!! you haven’t been sleeping I see!!! WOW I love them all and can’t even pick a favorite!!! they are just wonderful!!!! I guess I need to buy that stuff we used in class and do these again because I loved the class just don’t have the “stuff”!!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. These are beautiful. This sounds weird but some collages kind of creep me out. I think it is some of the altering that goes on in them. But I like how you alter yours from behind the image such as the bottom one with the wings behind the woman. I also really like the images you use. Are they family photos?

  3. Wow Joyce you’ve been busy I see 😀 You are so very creative! Those nights sleeping from 4:30-7:00 kick my behind but it always seems that’s when I get my best results.

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