Back From Vacation

We spent an absolutely wonderful five days at  Calloway Gardens, in a rustic cabin that felt like it was in the middle of nowhere!  We didn’t even have an internet connection, which really did make for a wonderful, get away from it all feeling.

Most of our time was spent swimming and exploring the gardens and butterfly house.  We had to go back to the butterfly house for a second and a third visit.  It really is incredible to see so many different species up close.  I took lots of pictures and although I’m not sure which ones are favorites yet, I wanted to post these two beautiful colorful butterflies.  Thank you DJ for encouraging me to get the Canon Digital Rebel XT.  I am so in love with my new camera and what it can do!  I’m still working through the basic instructions, but even with no skills we got beautiful pictures of the children and lots of wonderful shots I’m going to Photoshop and use in collage art.



A family tradition after a Calloway trip is to stop at the nearby Wild Animal Safari to feed the animals.  This year we saw lots of very friendly animals (because of the big bags of food we carried) up incredibly close: deer, wild pigs, zebras, geese, emus, ostriches, musk ox, and more.  But my favorite was this wonderful fellow who reached down through our sunroof to be fed.


2 thoughts on “Back From Vacation

  1. Welcome back my dear and so glad you ahd a fun time!!!! and love the pics you posted!! have been busy arting and knitting and thinking of you!!! hehehe!! check out my blog to see what I did while you were away!!! and hope the kids had fun!! I’m certain they did!!! big hugs! L

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