Silk Yarn

This is a photo of crack I got earlier this week to feed my addiction a skein of the silk yarn I have been dying feverishly all week with thoughts of my Mother’s birthday present (a silk shawl) in mind.


I can’t say enough about this yarn.  If it was a man, it would have been love at first sight.  It is so incredibly soft.  I want to roll around in it.  I love new yarns, different yarns, soft yarns, but this goes beyond the normal attraction.  I’m thinkinging about knitting socks to wear when I’m lounging aroud the house.

I must leave you now to go sit and fondle my beloved some more. 

5 thoughts on “Silk Yarn

  1. Please, please don’t stop — I can’t start another project and I have to live vicariously through you.
    Seriously though – it’s gorgeous, keep up the excellent work!

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