The Exciting & The Ordinary

My day was split right in half between the ordinary and the exciting today. It was a regular old boring day at work.  But, I came home to some yarn from last night dyeing on my racks and I was really amazed by the depth of the colors (yes, I’m still on the patina thing).


This is one of my last eight skeins of organic suffolk yarn — no more until they shear next April.  But it’s beautiful and lovely and I’m going to sell at least a few skeins on Midday Faire.  It’s always fun for me to do yarn on Midday Faire because we only open the store up every other Tuesday, right at 12 noon eastern time.  I’m also excited because my long term website redesign is almost complete and I am looking forward to having my new site up over the weekend, complete with collage art, hand dyed yarns, handpainted fabric, wearable art and some very cool altered journals (and no fear — I won’t be leaving behind our playsilks or other creative playthings.  Even though they have no place in that mix I’m very attached to them and won’t stop offering them).  Make sure you come back and check in over the weekend because I will be linking as soon as the new site is up!

I also came home to *gasp* this incredible package of yarn.  Silk and Cashmere.  Oh my.


The ordinary was nice too when I got home.  My sweet doggie, Tori was happy to see me.


And my sweet husband, who endured a sort of difficult week at work because he is a man of his convictions, came home.  I’m always happy to see him, even when he screws up his face and gives me the "why the hell are you taking a picture of me?" look.


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