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I’ve spent the whole week sort of torn between utter panic and a concern that i may have lost my sanity somewhere along the way.  Really.  What was I thinking when I decided it was a good idea to enter an artshow?  It seemed pretty easy.  Fill out an application.  Write a check.  Figure you won’t get in.

It starts tomorrow.  It is and it’s an almost queasy feeling knowing that the I’m going to display art in the community where up until now I’ve just been a wife, a mom, a professional.  Not to make too much out of it, but I have this sort of "when worlds collide feeling."

Here are a few of the small collage pieces I’m going to display.




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4 thoughts on “Birmingham Artwalk

  1. I don’t usually comment, but your blog is one of my regular, must read blogs daily. Today I decided that I must comment!! I am so excited for you—and I think that you are so brave to put your art out there for the world to see!! Your pieces are awesome and I am so sure that they will be well recieved. Please let me know how the show goes. I wish I had your courage!!

  2. You are too funny! Millions of strangers can see, but not someone you might know? I’m going to give the jr. high lecture — “the boys in the office make fun because they are just jealous……”
    *I’m* jealous. 🙂 I wish I had enough energy to do all you do — aside from all that talent. I’m already reaching towards my checkbook for that red one…… I scored a babysitter, so John & I will be shopping Friday night.
    Here’s a bribe to help you through the weekend — I’ve been gathering all the necessary equipment for polaroid transfers!

  3. Hi Dear
    have been so busy with work and then not getting swaps done etc etc!!! but wanted to say wow love the new pieces (the middle one is my fav!!!!)and hope the show does well (hope I didn’t miss it did I??) oh my I am so beind!!! but have been thinking about you just not getting a good routine yet with work, art, knitting, and house work(yeah like I get time to clean!!! hehehe) so hope you are well and Ollie is better!!! big hugs!! Linda

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