Ellie’s Short Attention Span Scarf

Ellie’s short attention span scarf is finished! 


We are both really pleased with it!  It started as a swatch  — I was trying to decide whether to do the scarf in stockinette, garter, or moss stitch.  She liked it with all the different stitches, so it took off from there.  I took out my stitch dictionary and did everything from reverse triangles to a few lace patterns and on an on.  It made for very interesting knitting.  I found that I could not put the scarf down, because I wanted to see all the new  stitch patterns form up!

The one downside was that some of the fancier stitches were wasted in the handpainted yarn.  But the ultimate result with all the color and texture is extremely pleasing and I’m glad I decided to put the extra length into it so she could wrap it around her neck a few times.

6 thoughts on “Ellie’s Short Attention Span Scarf

  1. Is there anything that would not look great on her?! She’s beautiful! I cannot help but picture her in years ahead telling her children/grandchildren of “this wonderful scarf my mother made me of many wonderful stitches.” What a fabulous life story you have given her.

  2. Goodness, Joyce, Ellie is growing up so fast and so beautiful! Is her hair tucked under the scarf, or has she gotten it cut?

  3. Ellie is just beautiful, I agree! And it just really makes me smile that she knits. I’m sure it’s so wonderful to know that that you have passed on something that you love.

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