The Reason Oh Jan Progress Is Slow

I believe I have finally discovered the reason my progress in knitting the Oh Jan dress has been so slow.  You see, most of the time the kittens (urged on by Ollie who gleefully enjoys their antics) are doing things like this:


But sometimes, they resort, I suppose out of sheer boredom since the have only four children, two dogs, and unlimited amounts of yarn not in use to amuse themselves with, to this:


I believe they have been secretly pulling out the Oh Jan dress while I sleep and frogging back a few inches, just to insure I don’t make any great progress.  They probably secretly laugh about it behind my back and wonder how long it will take me to figure it out.  But I am finally onto their kitten tricks and there will be no more liver snacks for them until they leave Oh Jan alone and let me finish it up!

In other news, I have just finished making arrangements with the HGTV show That’s Clever to film a segment for their show in early December.  I’m really excited about doing it!  I’m going to be making a fabric portrait collage.  The idea first occurred to me while I was doing a Gustav Klimt inspired fabric page for a swap at Habilments.  I had a picture of Ollie in my arms that strongly resembled one of my favorite Klimt paintings, The Three Ages of Women.

I used some Kaffe Fasset Roman Glass Collection fabrics, which have always felt Klimt inspired to me as the background, and ended up with a little fabric collage portrait. I forgot to scan them when they were finished, but I have a picture of one in progress.


The project I’m doing for That’s Clever is completely different, but still lots of fun, and I’m very excited about it.  I hope you all will tune in for the show when it airs!

3 thoughts on “The Reason Oh Jan Progress Is Slow

  1. That is so cool! I’m pretty sure we don’t get that show here – any chance I could borrow a copy of it when the time comes?

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