How a Cat Eats Breakfast


Poor Bob.  He had to stop eating his breakfast cereal at the kitchen table because Harry Potter, our darling Maine Coon now-too-big-to-be-called-a-kitten Cat, kept sticking his head into the bowl uninvited.  Bob thought he could outsmart Harry by eating his cereal standing in the middle of the kitchen.  Bob was wrong.




In knitting news, I have started two new items in anticipation of lots of knitting time during Nutcracker dress rehersals.  First, an Anthropologie Shrug in Colinette yarn.


And second, a Cahaba River Jacket for Ellie — because anyone who wears her Oh Jan dress every single day (see picture below for today’s version) deserves to have lots of hand knits.


Here she is.  Who knew Oh Jan was so versatile?


I’m off to another busy day.  In addition to the usual, I’m doing the final preparation for my TV shoot tomorrow (I promise to share all of the details!) and, we have a four year old birthday to celebrate!



9 thoughts on “How a Cat Eats Breakfast

  1. I enjoyed seeing Harry’s antics! He’s so big! Ellie is so beautiful, and look at Ollie — he’s growing up. Tell him happy birthday for me, and break a leg today at your filming. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. The cat photos cracked me up! So funny!
    It looks like you’re having an incredibly fun, productive time. Let us know how things are going.

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