Nutcracker Knitting

How much can one Mom knit during breaks from dressing and sheparding hordes of small children through Nutcracker performances and rehersals?  As it turns out, a good bit.

First — and I mention this although I’m still in the boring stockinette panel on the bottom part, because I am enjoying this yarn so much — is the Cahaba Jacket in Ironstone Yarns Island Cotton.  During two nights of Nutcracker, you can manage both the back and the side fronts all the way up to the start of the armholes.


Next?  One Anthropologie Shrug in Colinette Point 5.  This took the next few nights from start to finish.  I have fallen in love with Colinette Yarns and am hoping they will make a prominent appearance under my Christmas tree.  The shrug, which was knit in Point 5 in the Toscana colorway, is unblocked, but still beautiful.


Although the pattern indicates the writer preferred the reverse stockinette side (below), I think I will stick with the stockinette side (above) on the outside.


Finally, accomplished during the last two nights of nutcracker (while also working on socks and starting a new scarf in silk and alpaca, more on that later), is this pair of what will become felted knit slippers.  I’m enchanted with this idea and can’t wait to felt and embellish them.  The pattern is in this book.


All in all, I was sorry to see the Nutcracker come to an end.  The Balanchine version that the Alabama Ballet Company performs is beautiful.  And the knitting was grand.

5 thoughts on “Nutcracker Knitting

  1. Hey, I’m planning a trip to the Colinette mill in the new year. I promise I’ll think of you whilst I’m there!
    I love the slippers, can’t wait to see them felted!

  2. I love it. The Anthropologie shrug in particular is to die for, and I love, love,love the yarn you’re using for the Cahaba (sp?) jacket.

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