This is just a quick note, because we are on the way to Atlanta today.  We have more new additions to the informal ATC swap, and I am (hopefully) adding links as quickly as I get them.  Forgive me if I make any mistakes — I’m down a couple of brain cells because I’ve had a migraine for that last few days that I can’t quite beat.  I’ll try to make any more additions/corrections as soon as we get back from Atlanta.

Inspired by Paper Whimsy images and my sudden desire to scrap collage backgrounds for ATCs I have this one to show y’all now and a few more to add to my trade list when we get back.


I’m struggling between giving into the migraine and trying to tough it out and knit the Clapotis, which I can pretty much manage with my eyes shut, on the drive to Atlanta.  I hate the idea of doing nothing during that perfect 3 hour stretch of knitting time.  I’ve just finished the increase sections and would love to make headway on the straight sections today.  We’ll see.

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