When Cats Go Bad (and, knitting pictures)

Normal cats do not do this.


More fearsome than the four horsemen of the apocalypse, cats invading the salad while your back is turned to marinate the chicken is enough to frighten even the strongest among us.


Not one, but two salad eating cats.  Needles to say, we omitted the salad course tonight.

On a positive note, the fact that they were chomping their way through lettuce and green onions meant that they were not rolling around in the yarn, a particularly good thing since the Debbie Bliss silk/alpaca yarn I’m using for my Clapotis simply refuses to stay in its skein.  I’m about one-third of the way through the straight sections, right in that dark tea-time of the soul where there seems to be no progress as I knit into a big black hole.


6 thoughts on “When Cats Go Bad (and, knitting pictures)

  1. OH Joyce, this is hysterical! This is a first I’ve heard of salad lovin’ cats! I have one cat that loves cooked vegies though. She loves sweet potatoes, corn, broccoli, cabbage, peas, beans, avacado… but that isn’t cooked! My other cat likes coffee but I don’t give it to her! Too funny! Hey, did you check out my blog a few days ago when I posted the picture of the ferral cat that I can pet now? Sassy has a mane and looks like he may be part Main Coon but obviously he’s a mix from his color!

  2. This is too funny Joyce. My cats do some crazy stuff. But I’ve never seen them do this. Isn’t the camera one of the best inventions ever!

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