A Little Yarn & Some Birds

We had an amazing experience this morning!  Ellie came running from her bedroom to ask me if it was dangerous for birds to eat the poison berries in the backyard.  She said there were some robins in the holly tree that grows up to the second floor of our house outside her bedroom and she was worried about them.  She insisted that I go with her to look even though I reassured her that the berries were good food for the birds.  It was astonishing!  There were upwards of 200 robins in our backyard, spread out among all the trees.


It was hard to get a close up picture out of doors because they would fly off in a sudden burst whenever we went out, but they were beautiful and lots of fun to observe through the windows.


I have never seen anything like it before!  I’m hoping it was a mission to stake out nest space and that we will be blessed with lots of little baby birds this spring. 

The afternoon wasn’t quite as much fun since a few unexpected things came up at work this week, which left me with a lot of work to do today — something I try to avoid on weekends.  I did manage to dye some yarn while working and came up with this:


and with this:


Several skeins of each yarn will be on sale at Midday Faire on Tuesday at noon.  Although they don’t go on sale until then, you can see them now here and here along with a few other things.

4 thoughts on “A Little Yarn & Some Birds

  1. Oh, I’ve had this same thing happen when the birds all gather to fly south for the winter. It’s such an incredible sight, plus the “chatter” is absolutely electrifying. It reminds me of the movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock.

  2. What a treat that must have been. I don’t believe I have ever seen that many Robins in one place. And what a great picture.

  3. Such pretty yarn! I will have to make sure that when I’m ready to knit a clapotis I grab some of your wool/silk yarn. Your colorways are so soothing…

  4. Robins do this at this time of year – they are migrating – probably not far – but they can pick your garden berries clean in a moment!! Enjoy!

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