New England: Day 1

I’m departing from my usual ramblings about knitting and art, so I can share some pictures from our trip (the Judge and I are up in New England with son #2 to look at a couple of schools that specialize in helping kids with nonverbal learning disorder, the learning disorder that seems to go hand in hand with his genetic defect, the DiGeorge Anomaly).  It’s a lot colder in Vermont than it is in Alabama.  Here are some pictures from our trip, so our other children can see what we have been doing.

There isn’t nearly as much snow on the ground as I remember from going to college in Maine.  But it’s still fun to see it — we haven’t had snow in Alabama in forever.


The mountains are incredibly beautiful, snow or not.


Burlington is a very cool city.  We stopped for lunch at a place near the water that had more kinds of tea than I’ve seen in my entire life and wonderful side dishes like pita bread with feta and tomatoes.  My boys aren’t very photogenic, but it was such a neat place.


I also got a lot of knitting done on the plane.  I’ve only got three repeats left in the straight section of my Clapotis.


And this is the start of Ollie’s vest — he picked out the color.  It’s going to be fabulous.


Tomorrow, after visiting a school in the morning, we have to drive down to Massachusetts to see the next school.  We’ve got a pretty tight schedule.  But I have a feeling it might get thrown off.


In case you can’t tell, that’s a nor’easter headed our way.  Mmmmm….they’re calling for 12 inches of snow.

6 thoughts on “New England: Day 1

  1. If it snows, we are confident Bob can dig you to western Mass! (I will donate a teaspoon to help him.) We miss you–call when you get home. Also, inquiring minds want to know: did you go to Ben & Jerry’s or Lake Champlain Chocolate?! Also, do robots really post on your blog?

  2. It’s good to hear from you Joyce. It looks like your getting some great pictures to document your trip. Good luck with your mission, drive careful, and did you remember to pack your snow boots!
    kathy in tn, where it did snow a couple of inches a few weeks ago but was gone in a flash!

  3. It’s looks so pretty! I’ve never been to New England, and I want to. Perhaps not when they are expecting a foot of snow, however. It’s snowing on us here in Carrollton, KY too, but only about an inch and the worst part is the streets are icy.
    Keep safe!

  4. So you still did your thing while you were traveling, huh? I love the second photo with the beautiful mountains and the other cars on the road… It seems like those families were also on vacation.

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