No, I haven’t disappeared

I know I have been abnormally silent this week, so I t hought I would let you all know that I’m still here, knitting and making art, but we’ve had a very full few days.  While the storms were moving through Alabama last week, our youngest son was having some bad problems with his asthma and ended up in the hospital over the weekend.  He is home and doing great, although I think he left some very bemused nurses behind.  He is the only four year old I know who takes great delight in responding to questions like, "do you take your asthma medication regularly" with "I decline to answer on the basis of my fifth amendment privilege" — his new favorite phrase.  He’s fun, this child.

So, we sat in the emergency room the morning after the storms, for what I thought was just a quick trip in for a breathing treatment.  Only we were there for HOURS.  Time stops in that emergency room, I just know it.  And it was freezing cold.  Ollie and I, however, were nice and toasty thank you very much, because I had stuck the almost finished Clapotis into my bag so I could weave in the ends and run the stitches in the rest of the rows.  I have renewed appreciation for the Clapotis — it is big enough to wrap a baby up in, while continuing to work on it.  Ollie refers to it as his "blue cape" and wore it the entire time we were there.

We are getting back to normal here and my thoughts are turning to socks.  First off, I’m getting ready to score some sock yarn to dye up for some of my girlfriends from the Parents Place board I frequented when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I’m going to paint up some luxurious, lofty blue-face Leicester yarn for the group of us (some very talented knitters in this group) and we’re going to sock-a-long.  Last night, I sat down and casted on for a pair of socks out of my lovely new Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn. 


This picture does not begin to do justice to this wonderful yarn!  Just wait and see!

4 thoughts on “No, I haven’t disappeared

  1. Hi Joyce,
    I am glad to see things are improving. You had me laughing out loud with the 5th Amendment comment. I think he has a brilliant career ahead of him!
    Well, I did it – I signed up for knitting lessons with a wonderful friend that works with me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Joyce, I’m glad things are settled down enough that you can post agsin. It sounds like you might have lost ownership of your blue clapotis, or, at least, must share custody. I dyed some sock yarn last week (took a class, used Wilton cake dye gel), but have no idea how to knit socks; I’m planning on using it for doll hair and fairy wings.

  3. sorry to hear y’all were back at the hospital. sounds like ollie handled with good humor as usual! hope he’s all better now, and that the week’s going well! C

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