Playing With Photoshop

My friends Karen and Joanne are the Photoshop Goddesses.  They do the most amazing things.  I’m not nearly as comfortable with it as they are, but I do like to play, and I’ve learned a lot from them.  I played with some of my old collages to try and make business cards and magnets, and I’m so happy with the results I thought I would share them.  For the most part, I literally layered pieces of art one on top of the other and moved them around until I liked the effect.


This is my new business card.


And this is a sort of fun, oversized postcard to send out with orders.


This is going on my magnets.  I love magnets.  I used to have hundreds of them on my refrigerator, but then I got a refrigerator that has a door that they won’t stick to.  I still miss my magnets and try to send them out in most of my orders.

I have an early morning soccer "game" with Ollie and some friends and a birthday party later in the day, but for most of the weekend, I plan on hanging out with the kids and making art.  This was a really fun warm up.

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5 thoughts on “Playing With Photoshop

  1. I love them! I really should give it a go for my business cards! (or you could just do it for me 😉 LOLOL J/K…I love paint shop pro, I’m still trying to get the hang of it. *sigh*

  2. Joyce, your business cards and magnet are wonderful! You certaily seem to have mastered a lot of Photoshop skills.

  3. Joyce, You did a fabulous job! They will certainly get the attention you deserve for your designs and yarn.

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