Socks & Plastic Tubing

Socks.  At long last, socks for my darling Ellie.


Doesn’t she have pretty ballerina feet?


The final word on Colinette’s Jitterbug sock yarn is that it is not as lofty as the Blue Face Leicester yarn I love so much, but the colors are so fantastic that they more than compensate.  The yarn is beautiful and Ellie says they feel very soft.  This is my favorite sock yarn to date and best of all, the yarn really does all the work.  I just used my basic sock pattern.

Now I have a question for y’all.  What do you think I’m going to do with this? All of the Judge’s friends with dirty minds are precluded from responding to this question.  It’s not like that.


14 thoughts on “Socks & Plastic Tubing

  1. The socks came out well.
    As for the tubing… Hmmm… Putting in a fountain? Hooking up and ice or water dispenser to your fridge? Intending on using it for purse handles?
    Now you have me curious. Lol.

  2. These turned out so nicely! Sometimes I feel pressured to knit socks in a teeny, tiny gauge, but these make me feel good about using pretty yarn, gauge be damned!

  3. Joyce, the socks look wonderful (I love Ellie’s ballarina pose). I’m guessing the tubing is going to be stained with alcohol inks and cut into beads or cut and filled with beads or glitter and turned into charms.

  4. Ellie’s socks are beautiful! You can use that tubing for handles for purses. You can put seeds or beads inside the tubing. It will look really cool. And you can give some to me! LOL!

  5. I think the tubing will be beads with yarn inside, or fleece. We use tubing like that attached to the vacuum to clean inside a ceiling light, which is a whole lot than taking the light apart.

  6. Joyce,
    I love Ellie’s socks. I can’t believe how quickly you knit them up. Hmmm, as for the platic tubing, I’m afraid my mind is going where the Judge’s friends’ minds are going. Or maybe you’ll be using the tubing to make your own circular needles.

  7. No idea what the tubing will be for but it reminds me of my youngest’s nebulizer tube! I love the socks and I’ve been contemplating knitting some for months and months LOL.

  8. I use tubing like that as the base of fairy crowns I make for the kids at Holiday Faire and church. I cut the tubing to fit the kids’ heads, wrap beautiful fabric around the tubing, add some bows (ok, knots) out of tulle & add a few sparkles and voila!

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