Saturday, in which the Maine Coon Cats contemplate knitting and art

Hermione is dreaming of learning to knit socks.


As best as I can tell, she believes that she can absorb the entire process through osmosis if she naps at the keyboard.  I wonder if she’s going to insist on using the cashmere?  She seems to be that kind of cat.

Hermione also helped me out today by playing art critic and helping me decide which collages needed hanging.


Harry (the dark blob in the lower left) was far too concerned with his immaculately groomed coat to be one whit concerned with new art going on the walls.  He sort of reminds me of the other man I live with. (hi honey!)

The kittens were also more than willing to help out with reskeining some yarn that I dyed.  I graciously declined their help.


It was a good day to be a cat in our house.  But then, I suspect every day is a good day to be a cat in our house.  In fact, in my next life, I believe I would like to be a large, happy, fat cat, who lives with a family a lot like ours where there are always important jobs for a cat to do.

4 thoughts on “Saturday, in which the Maine Coon Cats contemplate knitting and art

  1. Joyce, the cats definitely are in charge. Our house is ruled by 2 yappy little dogs. I once told my husband that if I’m very good in this life, maybe I could come back as a pampered pet in my next life.

  2. OMG! You named your cats Hermione and Harry! I LOVE IT!!! LOL
    And they are of course gorgeous. I had a cat who I believe had some maine coon in him – he got killed by an animal 🙁 and I miss him terribly – he was SO big and had that fur that just came out of his ears. And his attitude! Oh boy.
    My other two cats stay pretty far away in the garage because of our three big dogs. They definitely rule the House now.

  3. Oh my … your house pages are stunning, Joyce! And I also hope Shirley posts her book … I’d love to see what everyone else did.
    Cute cat! Reminds me of my cat Daisy … I fully expected the cat to have his/her paw on the mouse though … hee hee

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