It’s Tuesday, Which Means There Is New Yarn….

***Before posting, a note:  If you have come here looking for the ribbon I dyed to share with other collage artists, please scroll down to the next post and leave your name there.  I’m going to draw a name to share the ribbon with Wednesday night.

Now, back to today’s regularly scheduled business.  Yarn.

It’s Tuesday, which means I am listing new yarn for sale at Midday Faire.

Today’s colorways include:


Aran Weight Blue Faced Leicester in the Coalition Colorway


Merion Roving for my spinning and felting friends in Melon Ball.


Peace Fleece in Pink and Brown

And still more!  I’ve also made some stitch markers from sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal.


Thank you for letting me show off some of my colorways.  The profusion of colors in my cottage garden has left me with nothing but colors in my head.  But, you know what’s in my garden this morning?  It’s the Judge’s birthday (46), and I was awakened by my four year old exclaiming, "Mama, there are meat eaters in the garden!"  And there were!  Thirty plastic tyrannosaurs and a sign that says "Happy Birthday, you old fossil."  Happy Birthday Honey!  I love you.

3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday, Which Means There Is New Yarn….

  1. Joyce, I absolutely love the roving. I also think the crowd of tyranasauruses in the yard is a great birthday greeting.

  2. wow what fab fiber and yarns!!! you are such a busy girl no wonder you have so little time and you never sleep!! How fun love the Tyranasauruses in the garden!! Happy Birthday to Hubby a day late sorry!!! and your stitch markers are FABULOUS!! you go with that super wiring you have been doing!!!!! love it all!! Hugs Linda

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